Rev. Mia Hillery, C-MI                  COACH * SPEAKER * HEALER

Perform Pre-Speech Research

I complete in-depth research before making a presentation. I research my topic to make sure I are well informed. I also learn about my audience in order to present in a personalized and relevant way. My research helps me decide what to say and how to present in a valuable and practical way.

Write and Outline Speeches

I spend my time creating a speech that educates and motivates your crowd. I make sure that all talking points are sharp and concise. The most successful public speakers outline speeches that are engaging, informative, and persuasive...which I guarantee!

Rehearse Speeches

Practicing my speeches prior to delivering them live is critical for my success. I prepare and rehearse to make my presentations more effective. As your speaker I will use rehearsals to simplify my message, and find new ways to engage your audience through stories, analogies, and other interplay activities. My goal is to motivate my audience to act on the information they provide.

Give Public Presentations

I am essentially hired to deliver live presentations and seminars. My talks will hold audience attention and encourage participation to be successful. As your public speaker I may talk to small groups of 10 or large groups of 10,000. Some presentations have a training and development component while others are more inspirational, I do what works best for you.

Interacting With Audience Members

Expect me to interact with audience members after my speeches. Through these conversations, I am able to gain speech feedback, which I incorporate into future presentations. I also answer individual questions from audience members. I also provide autographed memorabilia and products after their speech.

Hosting/Voice Overs

In additional to public speaking, I am also available to host your event using the techniques mentioned above to keep your audience engaged and entertained. 

Voice over services available, specializing in information related commercials and recordings.