Rev. Mia Hillery, C-MI                  COACH * SPEAKER * HEALER


I give the best "peps talks"! My speeches are real and sometimes hilarious. I use brutal honesty to create an overwhelming amount of motivation and amazing energy. I am honest in the best way. My personal and professional life experiences offer an interesting perspective that will not only motivate but instigate you to be better! Learn More... 

Being you coach involves more than offering tips or advice to my client. Coaching requires me to get to know you, assess your goals efficiently and formulate strategies to help you meet your goals.

My recommendations will be based on realistic expectations. I’ll create stepping stones for you, rather than overwhelming or unattainable goals. I’ll act as a sort of counselor for you, meeting with regularly to discuss your improvements and progress in meeting your goals. I’ll also be responsible for supporting and motivating people as you work toward lifestyle improvements. Learn More...


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My quest for a positive lifestyle has taught me so many amazing new ways of living and understanding life. This alternative way of life has been instrumental to my personal and professional success. Using meditation, aromatherapy and energy healing, I have been able to obtain a new level of happiness that continues to grow. Learn More...