​As your Brand Manager I am the person employed by your organization or company to promote your products or services within the activity known as branding. I will embody your corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.

My Example Click "Contact" for upcoming events and appearances.....................Hillery's Boutique is now offering Gold Canyon candles. Visit my boutique for complete details....................Contact me today for your FREE virtual consultation.


As your Vendor Manager, I will be responsible for hiring all vendors needed for your event, including staffing. Whether you need valet service for a wedding or an entire serving staff for a banquet, I will be your liaison to ensure the project is completed to perfection


As your Personal Manager, my job is to create and maintain balance in your life. Whether it is in your personal or professional life I am available for everything from errands, personal shopping, resource referral and administrative duties.


As your Project Manager, my job is to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project you have hired me for. I will work closely with upper management to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, as well as other departments for support.


As your Venue Manager, I will be responsible for all aspects of the space including staffing, booking and financial accounting.  My objective will be to assist in growing the bar and food operations through the implementation of approved operational plans, meeting or exceeding the key performance indicators set out and striving to maintain a culture of excellence in all areas of the operation by recruiting and retaining the best staff.