"Rev. Mia Hillery, C-Mi is a mother, motivator, entrepreneur, ordained minister, and healer, with her certification in meditation instruction. With over seventeen years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, she is insightful by nature. She is an expert at using her superb interpersonal skills to build impressive relationships with people and brands around the country, supporting them as they learn to develop and maintain mindful lives and successful businesses."

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So ok, let's be serious for a moment. We all have to earn a living right? Thankfully I get to do it by doing what I love! I am the epitome of the Alternative Lifestyle, as I have become a working expert on making a living doing the things I love most. 

Since 2002, I have been working as an independent Event Planner. Check out my event portfolio here. In 2008 I started working as a Brand Ambassador for many notable companies. Click here for the list. In 2012 I became an Ordained Minister. In 2017 I got my certification in Meditation Instruction.

Through my Life & Small Business Coaching, I am able to provide expert consultation services.

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