Rev. Mia Hillery, C-MI                  COACH * SPEAKER * HEALER

Goal Identification and Achievement

As your life/business coach I help my clients interpret desires and create goals. I can also help people who are struggling with their current goals. Sometimes people create goals and find that the goals are not achievable within their certain circumstances. As your life/business coach I can help you refine your unattainable goals into ones that are actionable. I can also help monitor and redirect clients so that they can achieve their new goals.

Validation and Approval

As your life/business coach I can serve as objective voices in the sea of advice from colleagues, family members and friends. I can offer the approval that many people seek to pursue their hopes and dreams. As a life/business coach I examine my clients’ ideas and goals in an unbiased way and validate them, which can help you start moving toward the achievement of your goals.


As your life/business coach I will often serve as sources of motivation and inspiration that push my clients to their true potential. Sometimes my clients need help navigating through a stubborn obstacle that’s preventing success. I have professional training and mindset techniques that can help motivate clients to get on track, stay on track and achieve their dreams.

Strategy Building

Through effective strategy-building techniques, I can help my clients figure out how to accomplish their goals in a focused and efficient manner. One of the ways I accomplish this is to ask my clients specific questions about their goals and how they will achieve them. Then, I help my clients build strategies that will be the most effective to enact the changes that the clients desire.


Not only do I help my clients realize and create actionable goals, I also hold clients accountable for reaching those goals. I monitor clients by checking in with them at specific times to help them with any issues such as lack of motivation or challenges and keep them on track toward the achievement of their set goals.