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"I have known Mia many years and as I speak on her as reliable and creative minded person I also see her as a great asset to your company." - Gail Jackson, owner manager of Chicago's lookin Good.

"I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Mia Hillery.  She has shown great business acumen, sound judgement and to be an intelligent/hard worker. In addition to her work ethic, she is also an engaging and nice person." - Richard Skelnik

"Mia is a respected individual in our network of friends and business.  She is kind thoughtful, and giving. She embraces the importance of fun, purpose and enlightenment in her authentic service to others." - Leonora Hill

"Mia has been a pleasure to work with, very detail oriented, and very creative." - Kristiane Trejo, Account Executive - Display Print and Graphics

"Websters dictionary defines "Heroine," as a woman celebrated for her special achievements, courage, and attributes. Mia Hillery is such a person. Her position as workshop coordinator tests her strengths,  judgement, and abilities daily. It is my pleasure to give Mia Hillery my highest recommendation." - Gordon E. Miller,CHtC Educator/Speaker/Consultant

"Mia is very pleasant and professional.  She has a quality that is very personable and relatable to her clients.  In the time I have worked with her, it has become evident that she loves what she does and it shows." - Mike Sheehan

“Mia Hillery is a skilled, enthusiastic business professional. She has excellent communication skills, computer technology skills, good leadership skills and she is a consummate team player. Mia would be an added addition to any organization, and I would highly recommend her.” - Don Eales Director, Fulfillment NuHome Promotions  

"Working with Mia is an absolute pleasure. She is extremely detail oriented and organized. She goes above and beyond and is able to work with little direction. She makes sure that she exceeds your expectations to the highest standard and in a timely matter. During my time working with her I was confident that she was the best fit for the position and I knew that I was beyond lucky to have her on my team." - Chelsey Hawk

 "I have always believed I was put on this earth at this time to help people be successful."

Mia Hillery is a mother, motivator, entrepreneur, ordained minister, and healer. With over seventeen years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, she is insightful by nature. She is an expert at using her superb interpersonal skills to build impressive relationships with people and brands around the country, supporting them as they learn to develop and maintain mindful lives and successful businesses.  

my Shout Outs

  Mia Hillery                       Professional brand ambassador

I believe in various forms of continued education. Not only do I have a very long and detailed background in Psychology and Communication, but it is something that I continue to study. In addition to that, I am a practitioner of Buddhism. I am humbled to have received my;

  • Ordained Minister - 2002
  • Mastery Of Buddhist Studies - 2010
  • Certified Meditation Instructor - 2018 


I have made it my professional mission to help others be successful. I will help you find a plan to help your business grow and maintain continued success.