Rev. Mia Hillery


Rev. Mia Hillery is a mother, motivator, entrepreneur, ordained minister and healer. Insightful by nature, she has used her superb interpersonal skills to build an impressive relationships with people and brands around the country, supporting them as they learn to develop and maintain mindful lives and success businesses.

"I have always believed I was put on this earth at this time to help people. I believe that everything happens for a reason, when it is supposed to happen. I believe honesty is the best policy. I am a healer. This is my way to give back."

I believe in various forms of continued education. Not only do I have a very long and detailed background in Psychology, but it is something that I continue to study. In addition to that I am a practitioner of Buddhism, having received my Mastery Of Buddhist Studies in 2010. 


I have made it my life's mission to help and heal others. I will help you find a path towards living your most mindful life, both personally and professionally. 

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