"Mia Hillery provides excellent services related to event assistant needs as well as personal assistant requirements. I definitely trust her to follow through with event tasks and provide quality work every time. I am continuing to use her services, as I know I can always expect responsiveness and delivery on requirements." - Eva Louis, ASM

Websters dictionary defines "Heroine," as a woman celebrated for her special achievements, courage, and attributes. Mia Hillery is such a person. Her position as workshop coordinator tests her strengths,  judgement, and abillities daily. It is my pleasure to give Mia Hillery my highest recommendation. -

Gordon E. Miller,CHtC Educator/Speaker/Consultant

Mia has been a pleasure to work with, very detail oriented, and very creative.
I enjoy seeing her emails come across my screen, they brighten my day! -

Kristiane Trejo, Account Executive - Display Print and Graphics

Mia is a respected individual in our network of friends and business.  She is kind thoughtful, and giving.  She embraces the importance of fun, purpose and enlightenment in her authentic service to others. -

Leonora Hill