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I absolutely love what I do and love my clients even more. Click here for client reviews and testimonials.

My team and I are available for both private as well as public/corporate events. While headquartered in AZ, services are available nationwide.

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I believe in doing things that you love. Click here for my event portfolio.

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If you require a plan, you require me! With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry as an Event Planner and Manager, I have earned the title "Queen Of Events". During that time, I have worked in every aspect of the event and hospitality that you can think of. Whether I was bartending, serving, setting up or breaking down, I have done it all and seen it all. As an accomplished and seasoned event planner, I work closely with every client to create events that truly represent their unique sense of taste and style no matter the size of the guest list or the complexity. I apply these same skills to the corporate events and meetings. Got a business event you need help planning? I do those, too!