"If it requires a plan, you require me!" - Mia Hillery, Event Planner / Manager... For the past 15 years, I have worked in the hospitality industry.  I have worked with a variety of clients planning a variety of events and managing many projects for individuals as well as businesses. While my headquarters are in Mesa, AZ, I also have virtual offices in Phoenix Biltmore and Union Hills as well as Scottsdale Kierland and Old Town areas.

With 15 years of ground-breaking, individual experience in event planning; collaborations with AZ luxury properties and national venues, I am a well rounded event planner and manager.  My personal background combined with professional know-how are united to create unforgettable events for my clients.  Born in California, I have the education and the experience in both California and Arizona.  From my family of service industry professionals I have mastered the art of gracious hospitality early on, enhanced by my continuous pursuit of educational excellence.  I have both the connections, and the hard-earned experience to ensure that my clients get the best.  Having worked with companies such as; Cadillac, NFL and NBA, there is no doubt that I can plan an event to exceed your expectations.

What makes me one of the most sought after event planners is my style, vision, and expertise.  I cater my planning to best suite the needs of your event or project.  I take your dream and make it a reality, with little to no stress!

"Mia is a respected individual in our network of friends and business.  She is kind thoughtful, and giving.  She embraces the importance of fun, purpose and enlightenment in her authentic service to others." -

Leonora Hill

"Mia has been a pleasure to work with, very detail oriented, and very creative.  I enjoy seeing her emails come across my screen, they brighten my day!" -

Kristiane Trejo, Account Executive - Display Print and Graphics

"Mia Hillery provides excellent services related to event assistant needs as well as personal assistant requirements. I definitely trust her to follow through with event tasks and provide quality work every time. I am continuing to use her services, as I know I can always expect responsiveness and delivery on requirements." -Eva Louis, ASM

"Thanks for everything! Today was PERFECTION!!" - Makisha Hiller-Donner

Mia Hillery is a skilled, enthusiastic business professional. She has excellent communication skills, computer technology skills, good leadership skills and she is a consummate team player.Mia would be an added addition to any organization, and I would highly recommend her. - Don Eales

In a constant effort to not only better myself, but enable me to be better for my clients, I am always working diligently to stay informed of the latest industry news and resources.  I am a high school graduate, class of 1996.  I earned a Mastery of Buddhist studies diploma in 2008.  I became an Ordained Minister in 2008. I am always continuing my education in my respective areas of service.  I am currently preparing for the following certifications; Project Management Professional (PMP), Special Events Planner (CSEP) and Retail Management.

Through the summer and fall season I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Mia Hillery.  She has shown great business acumen, sound judgement and to be an intelligent/hard worker.  In addition to her work ethic, she is also an engaging and nice person. - Richard Skelnik

"You are excellent at what you do. Watching you in your environment was a big treat." - Harold Branch III

"Websters dictionary defines "Heroine," as a woman celebrated for her special achievements, courage, and attributes. Mia Hillery is such a person. Her position as workshop coordinator tests her strengths,  judgement, and abillities daily. It is my pleasure to give Mia Hillery my highest recommendation." -

Gordon E. Miller,CHtC Educator/Speaker/Consultant